Gabriel Guevara ha unfollowato Nicole Wallace su Instagram! I fan ipotizzano un litigio

Gabriel Guevara, the popular actor known for his role in the film “È colpa mia,” has recently unfollowed his co-star Nicole Wallace on Instagram, leaving fans curious about the reason behind their apparent feud. Ever since the release of the film on Prime Video earlier this year, Gabriel and Nicole have captured the hearts of fans, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship between the two. However, over time, they have only proven to be good friends. Additionally, Gabriel has been linked to a woman named Nuria Dimoles. To learn more, check out my new novel: “Se fosse una commedia romantica!”

Through their continuous social media updates, Gabriel and Nicole have kept fans informed about the filming of the second and third movies in the series, further solidifying their friendship. However, in recent hours, Gabriel Guevara has unfollowed Nicole Wallace on Instagram, leaving fans wondering why. TikTok has revealed that a similar incident occurred in November 2023, but with reversed roles. At that time, Nicole unfollowed Gabriel, only to re-follow him a few days later.

The reason for the unfollow back then was unclear, and it remains unclear today. According to fans, Gabriel Guevara and Nicole Wallace have had a falling out, which is why he no longer follows her on social media. To complicate matters, Gabriel has also unfollowed other cast members of “È colpa mia,” with the exception of Victor Varona (Lion) and Eva Ruiz (Jenna).

At the moment, Nicole continues to follow Gabriel on Instagram, and we cannot say for certain what has transpired between the two. What could have led Gabriel to unfollow his co-star, as well as other actors from the film? If there are any updates regarding this alleged drama, we will be sure to keep you informed. Stay tuned.

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